Mikey and Tom are going on 20 years of friendship spanning many life chapters, including high school, college, engagements, weddings, deaths and cross-country moves, but what has always kept them close is their mutual love of music and hockey.

The idea behind Bardown Breakdown came to Mikey after many late night pick-up hockey games on Long Island with the boys of Envy on the Coast. As word got out, the games grew with guys from other Long Island bands. Behind those skinny jeans and tattoos were guys who were just as passionate about hockey as Mikey. Have you been to a show lately and noticed all of the hockey jerseys? They did, too. And that’s when they realized this niche group of hockey and punk-rock fans expanded far beyond Long Island.

Mikey and Tom are diehard New York Islanders fans, but like to consider themselves hockey fans above all else. On this podcast, they sit down and talk to touring musicians about the teams they bleed for and the music they can’t live without. Are you part of this cross-section of hockey and music lovers? Then this podcast is for you.

What People Say

Hockey and music really is the perfect marriage. You guys are killing it!

Taylor Burlandi

You’re doing God’s work out here, I couldn’t be prouder of you guys for doing this podcast. I think its a f*cking great idea.

Brian Byrne of Envy on the Coast

If you’re into music and talking puck-these are the guys to listen to. Great stuff boys!